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Hazelnut oil is one of the most expensive and precious oils in cooking , but especially one of the most versatile sauces for chefs who are always new combinations and recipes. The use of hazelnut oil is recommendedConfezione completa for use in cooking for its rich in essential fatty acids . And ' sought by the fineness of its taste and its smell , its content in monounsaturated fatty acids makes it usable on both cold and cooked foods .
The presence of oleic acid gives a high digestibility .
It does not necessarily substitute , but complementary to olive oil, may be associated with a sweet vinegar or lemon juice for seasoning vegetables and fish. It can be used in the preparation of sauces and main dishes (pasta, meat, bread and dairy products) by adding a fine and elegant flavor to your cooking .
With its unmistakable delicate flavor is particularly suitable for pastry and sweet biscuits. With its sweet and fragrant taste can accompany all salads and vegetables ( raw and cooked ) and also used to enhance other cold dishes, such as cheese, adds the fine taste of the hazelnuts to marinades and mayonnaise. A few drops on the fruit and ice cream (cream or mozzarella ) turns it into a dessert superfine.
The refined taste of this oil , also satisfies the most discerning diner .


All types , from single bottle gift packs are available in the following versions:

  • by Hazelnuts Roasted : taste strong, determined and persistent of toasted hazelnuts . Suitable for raw and cooked meat a strong flavor ( roasts, grilled, poultry , etc.). , Aged cheeses , desserts of all types and kinds, soups, condiments details ( also in combination with additional olive oil) , fruits, vegetables ( crudités ) ...... and much more.
  • by HAZEL ( raw ) sweet and delicate taste with a peculiar aftertaste next nutty . Suitable for seasoning fish, raw meat , fresh cheeses , soups , raw vegetables , great for sauces type mayonnaise and dips ...... and much more.
  • NOCCIO CIALDA ( raw and roasted hazelnuts ), a result of the extraction of oil from hazelnut " Tonda gentile Trilobata " is an absolutely natural and low fat content , suitable for processing for bread, pasta, biscuits , breadsticks , cakes and cakes, sweet and savory recipes for grain , etc. . ( also leavened , with the partial addition of other flours )


Proposed by Cook

The uniqueness and exclusivity of the product make it suitable to the "gastronomic discoveries" in our "kitchen" daily. We'll have fun and enjoy it on so to combine new and traditional dishes following our imagination and curiosity by finding "explosion" of new flavors and intense power in a tasty and natural.

Some Italian and foreign chefs delight in always prepare new dishes and combinations, below, and for those


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