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In the heart of the "Monferrato", land of wines, but also hazelnuts Very high quality and organoleptic properties was born Noccio Oil and precisely
in the "Laboratorio del Gusto" in Refrancore (Asti).

Hazelnut pressHazelnuts "Tonda gentile Trilobata", are chosen carefully, so that only the best, after being analyzed, can be shelled and possibly toasted then be squeezed mechanically cold.

The essence of the fruit is then filtered once, in order to keep all of its features and quality Natural and finally bottled.

This production extremely simple and natural, it is perfectly in line with the objective that we have set ourselves, that is, to produce an absolutely OIL "INTACT" with the smells, the nuances of taste and properties of the earth in which it is cultivated Hazel.


The excellence of the product is confirmed in the final analysis, where among the main features are an unbelievably low acidity, representing only 0,18% of the oil extracted from Roasted hazelnuts , and 0,24% or oil Hazelnuts extracted from raw


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