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Properties and organoleptic characteristics and cosmetic


Nutritional properties

The hazelnuts like all nuts are a food rich in "good fats" , including OMEGA - 6 , but the exception is the presence of OMEGA - 3 (usually found in fish and seaweed ) , special fats that help to prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease and help to lower excess cholesterol in the blood. Digestible than any other oily fruit , is one of the varieties of dried fruitsCesto di nocciole richest in vitamin E, an antioxidant par excellence. Its are also an excellent source of selenium ( a mineral that prevents cellular aging ) of Flavonoids ( Polyphenols main , capable of performing a great anti-inflammatory, antiviral , and helps prevent the onset of cancer ) of phytosterols , substances believed to be important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in this regard a recent scientific study has shown that regular use of nuts can lower the levels of LDL ( "bad" cholesterol ) and triglycerides . The hazelnut oil is particularly rich in fatty acids necessary for the lipid balance of the daily diet also contains calcium, Vitamins B6 , B1 , B2 and PP . Promotes cell regeneration and stimulates circulation . And ' nutritive , mineralizing , and energy can be helpful during periods of convalescence. By virtue of its quality and some companies / chemical-pharmaceutical laboratories are entering and using it as a new product for supplements for special dietary uses .


Average composition of vitamins and fatty acids

Vitamina E

Acidi grassi

Acidi grassi poli-insaturi

8.9 %



mono insaturi

Acido linoleico

Acido linolenico
(Omega3 )


8.6 %

82.5 %

8.6 %

0.3 %



Cosmetic properties

Bottiglie finite" An ancient beauty recipe suggested hazelnut oil packs to rejuvenate your skin "
The hazelnut oil contains Vitamins A and E and 85% of unsaturated fatty acids and it is for this that can be useful in the treatment of irritation of sensitive skin , which can provide flexibility and elasticity.
It penetrates quickly and deeply into the epidermis and acts on wrinkles .
The hazelnut oil can contribute to the care of the skin of the face. Sweet, nourishing and regenerating prevents dehydration of the skin.
It acts on the dry areas contrinuendo regulate sebum secretion of oily areas and points blacks , so it is useful for skin prone to acne.
It is perfectly suited for combination skin , which spoiled the skins , soothes and protects , tones and tightens .
It acts against stretch marks and scars .
Can be effective for restoring tone to the hair and to cleanse the scalp. It has a tonic action and is great for massage , especially muscle .
The skin is useful in the case of children rashes and eczema very dry .
It can already be found as an ingredient in some products Perfumery and Herbalists ( dermo -cosmetics ) .


Origins and curiosity

Bottiglie di olioHazel is one of the oldest plants cultivated by man.
Greeks and Romans paid homage to the virtues of this plant, represented with two serpents entwined in the symbol of Asclepius the god of medicine, recognizing and appreciating its medicinal properties.
For the peoples of Northern Europe is a symbol of fertility and wisdom and thanks to the quality of the element Air (Vata medicine Ayuevdica) inspires the seekers of knowledge and wisdom as it develops the intuition that leads to locate the inner source from which everything derives , thus facilitates meditation and is the sacred symbol of the word.
In the mid-twentieth century the hardships of war and the peasant tradition and experience made ??the hazelnut oil a condiment commonly used in the kitchens of those geographical areas in which it was difficult to find olive oil.


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